Infra Red Heating

Infrared electric heating is a recently new addition to domestic and commercial heating markets.

The type of heating is emitted from the heater, which travels through the air until it hits an object.  The object then absorbs the radiation causing molecules within it to vibrate, producing heat. 

As these are electric heaters there are few additional costs as there is no need to integrate any pipework of fuel storage facilities.  There are  no direct emissions associated with using electrical panels. 

They can be placed high up on walls or the ceiling, so they can be placed away from pets and small children. 

Panels come in various sizes and some models can double up as mirrors.  There are no moving parts and they can operate in complete silence, making them ideal for sleeping areas. 

Benefits of infrared heating

  • Units are compact and can be designed to provide other functions such as mirrors
  • Heat solid objects like walls and can prevent the build up of moisture on these surfaces and then prevent the spread of mould. 
  • Fit and forget, little maintenance required. 
  • These heaters are emission free, especially when used in conjunction with solar PV panels.
  • More efficient than conventional heaters which makes them more cost effective to run. 
  • Infrared heaters warm solid objects with a thermal capacity, therefore if a room is draughty or a door is open the objects retain the heat and therefore keeps the room warm.

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